Limited Edition & Shipping Information

All of Zach Matthai’s fine art photography is truly limited edition. Just as a painter or sculptor does not limitlessly produce the same work over and over again, fine art photographers uphold this tradition by creating limited edition works that are prized for their rarity and exclusivity--and, of course, their beauty.

But what does limited edition actually mean? Well, an edition refers to the number of prints struck from one plate, generally at the same time. Zach then signs each one and numbers them accordingly to show the print’s specific number and the size of the total edition. So, if he writes 17/50, then that print is the 17th produced out of an edition of 50.

All of Zach’s work are limited edition fine art prints. He never wavers from this basic principle. And, although he does occasionally make editions of up to 100 prints, most editions cap out at 50 total prints. This sets him apart from other professional photographers who regularly print upwards of over a thousand prints per edition. By creating only 100 prints per edition, Zach ensures that collectors receive a prized possession that is truly special.


Prior to purchase, Zach signs every piece and assigns a digital number. He then provides a numbered Certificate of Authenticity alongside every purchase. This certificate, alongside the digital signature, provides guaranteed provenance for all his fine art photography.

Artist Proofs (AP)

Besides the limited edition print runs, Zach also produces a single Artist Proof (AP) for each piece. These are the most highly sought after by art collectors because of their exceptional rarity. Zach prints all Artist Proofs as Lumachrome Face Mounted Acrylic Prints at 45”, 60”, or 72”.

He then signs and numbers it with A/P #1 of 1 to designate the Artist Proof. Additionally, he writes a hand-written letter to include with the purchase to convey his own personal thoughts about the image and provide a clearer picture of its unique story. Zach only ever prints a single Artist Proof of each image, thus making them more valuable and sought after. Because Artist Proofs are an investment, their value appreciates faster than other prints from the edition. No matter the print size, Artist Proofs require an investment of $5,000.

First Printing (FP)

Whenever Zach runs an edition, he keeps the First Printing (FP) for himself or to offer as the final print sold from that edition. He prints them as Face Mounted Acrylic with museum-grade backing, and they come ready to hang. Collectors recognize FPs because Zach signs them as FP 1/50, FP 1/100, or in a similar fashion, depending on the edition size.

Zach also hand-selected pieces to offer in advance of an edition selling out. Just like with Artist Proofs, First Printings are rarer, more valuable, and appreciate more quickly. They require an investment of $2,500 above the regular Lumachrome HD print price.

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To find out more about purchasing Artist Proofs or First Printings, please contact Zach directly. The artist can add personal touches to these prints as well, making them perfect as gifts or as a unique addition to a personal collection.

Purchase, Production, Shipping & Handling

When it comes to purchasing Zach’s fine art photography, picking the perfect piece may just be the hardest part—there are so many great options to choose from! Once you’ve made your selection, the rest is simple. We pride ourselves on our concierge-level customer service and can guarantee an exceptional buying experience.

Start by clicking on the image and selecting your desired print size and material. From there, proceed to checkout, where you’ll enter the necessary information to complete the purchase. We complete all transactions using secured PayPal or Stripe payment systems. We take our customer’s security and privacy very seriously and pay strict attention to maintaining in-depth cybersecurity policies and procedures.

If you’re purchasing multiple prints or looking for something special, please contact us directly and Zach will work with you before issuing a custom invoice. We also offer progressive volume discounts. 

Once you’ve paid for your piece, it goes into production within 24 hours. Photographic paper prints take approximately 10 business days, while you can expect ChromaLuxe and Lumachrome HD prints within about 21 business days. Pieces that are larger than 60” or with external framing may require longer production times.

We professionally package every print before shipment, and we fully insure all deliveries to make sure all orders arrive in perfect condition at your doorstep. Our shipping company thus requires for you to inspect all deliveries within 48 hours of receipt.

In the unlikely case of a piece becoming damaged during shipment, please send us a photograph of the packaging and the piece. We will immediately put a replacement into production and deliver it to you as soon as possible—free of charge, guaranteed.

For all shipments within the US of prints that range less than 72”, we provide shipping and handling at no additional cost. For larger pieces or international deliveries, including to Canada, we are required to charge additional shipping costs. For a quote, please send us details about your order and address via email. We also offer expedited shipping for time sensitive orders.

Additional Shipping Information and Return Policies can be found here. Please contact Zach if you have any questions.