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Print Mediums 101

There was a long stretch of time when I never printed my own works. Sure, I could recognize a quality print from a lesser one, and I developed partnerships with certain companies that I trusted, but I was too intimidated to actually sit down and try my hand at printmaking. It eventually got to the point, however, where my curiosity and my drive to more fully understand my artistic process drove me to accept the inevitable. I needed to learn […]

Are Digital Photographs Too Plentiful to Be Meaningful? A Photographer’s Response

In a New York Times Learning Network post, Katherine Schulten asked students to respond to this question by framing it within the context of a NYT opinion piece by Lucinda Rosenfeld titled Many More Images, Much Less Meaning. Rosenfeld writes, “With effort and cost excised from the equation, photos have become too plentiful. And at the same time—as more and more pictures are taken on smartphones, ‘shared’ on social media if at all, then lost to the cacophony of the […]

4 Ways Fine Art Photography Impacts Our Lives

Why does art matter? The impacts of fine art photography range from the everyday experience provided by interior design to the heights of sculpting culture and painting a portrait of one’s personality. Wall art is important. A home is a place where we plant our flag. It’s a place where we can define the parameters of our existence, where we can control the conditions of our environment, and where we can show guests a glimpse of our inner world made […]

Art is a Comfort During a Global Crisis

The past few months have been like nothing we’ve seen in our lifetimes. While Covid-19 spreads rapidly around the globe and pressure continues to mount, most of us have retreated inwards, into our homes, into a quiet isolation as we ride out this storm. It’s created a unique phenomenon: on a macroscopic level, our societies reel with anxiety, despondency, and grief, while at the same time, on a personal scale we’re doing our best to whittle away the time as […]

San Francisco Fine Art Photography

San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area has a way of getting under your skin. Our seven by seven mile slice of NorCal has so much to offer for tourists and locals alike. Between 62 Michelin starred restaurants, the driven and innovative culture, and a host of spell-binding sights, San Francisco makes us want to keep coming back for more. The only problem with loving a place is that all too often we have to say goodbye. A vacation ends; […]